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Keeping Your System In Prime Working Order

Cables maintenance
June / 09
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Keeping Your System In Prime Working Order

Keeping Your System In Prime Working Order Is Easier Then You Think.


Ever wondered why there is non stop problems with your cctv inspection camera?

In most cases it is due to not maintaining basic cleaning. By following these simple steps you can help keep your drain camera and sewer camera system in perfect operation.

1. Cleaning. The impact cleaning has on your camera system is grossly underrated. Keeping your pipe inspection system clean not only keeps it looking better, which is more impressive to your clients, but also keeps all sealing surfaces free from sand/dirt. If left alone this sand and dirt will create wear and eventually damage the sealing surface. Dirt in the rollers will make them stop spinning and wear out your cable.

2.Inspection. Inspect the seals visible to you. A weekly inspection and re-greasing of the O-rings/seals at the connecting points (i.e. cable to camera) is vital to ensure a fully functioning camera system. If there are cuts or dirt on the seal, water is allowed access to the electronics this will create a plethora of problems. Water and electronics does not go well together!

3.Handle Carefully. Don't knock or 'belt' your equipment. If you get stuck in a pipe or drain, instead of just slamming and pulling at the cable with force, try gently to work it out by twisting or lightly whipping the camera cable, while pulling and/or reversing. Too much force can severely damage your equipment and worst case it can get lost in the pipes!

If you are in the middle of a job and find you get stuck and are out of ideas please give our service center Advanced CCTV Technology a call! They will assist you over the phone, at no cost to you, to get your equipment out safely.

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