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Extend The Life Of Your Inspection System Cables

July / 06
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Extend The Life Of Your Inspection System Cables

Extend The Life Of Your Cables By Following These Simple Tips

The most common repairs done to all camera systems, from push camera to mainline inspection systems, are cable repairs.

If these simple rules are followed you can dramatically reduce the number of cable repairs your camera or mainline inspection system needs. You can save yourself upwards of $5,000per year!

1. Inspect your rollers or layer winder for wear. A worn roller can be as sharp as a knife and cut the sheath of your cable.

2. Monitor that the cable is layering evenly on the reel of your inspection camera. A twisted or poorly layered cable is likely to break internally and cause intermittent problems.

3. Inspect the full length of your cable regularly. Cuts in the sheath will allow water ingress which will cause for coax and screen wires to corrode and break. These are among the most labour intensive to repair and often will require the entire cable to be replaced. If rectified early this will not give any continuous problems.

If you are in doubt about whether or not your cable needs attention, our service center Advanced CCTV Technology is very happy to help FREE of charge. Simply call in for a obligation free visual inspection or send them a photo of the area in question. They will provide you with expert opinion and tips to ensure your cables longevity.


If you are looking to upgrade the cable on your current inspection camera but aren't sure if Raptor cable will fit your system, send us an email today! You will be surprised to find the extensive range of cctv camera systems suitable for Raptor range. We can even retro fit Raptor cable onto any number of CCTV systems.

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